City of Farmer City

City of Farmer City main site
City of Farmer City main site, Slider at top to announce an upcoming event or cycle through photos of the town, below that is the main points that visitors might need quick access to, then below that is the news areas.

The City of Farmer City is a town of around 2,000 citizens located in central Illinois. The were looking for a site to keep citizens informed of events going on with the city and the town in general after the local newspaper had closed.

The original site I did for them was done in Drupal, around 2010, since then the site outgrew the design of the site, with the extra information being added. I redesigned the whole site in WordPress since I was using it for so many other websites. Along with that over the years the state has added laws that needed to be followed, part of the job is keeping up on those laws.

The front page slider was created to show upcoming events, this created a image above the fold. The community calendar was added and an agenda version appears on the front under the newest council agenda. The Community calendar pulls in the Google calendars from various groups and organizations in town to have a centralized location where people can see quickly the events going on, they can select from the list if they only want to see a certain group such as churches. A news section that starts on the front that has info from the city such as ordinances and council videos, it also has press releases that were submitted to the site like event schedules. All the posts that go up are also automatically posted to their social sites: FaceBook, Twitter and Google Plus.

The monthly maintenance on the site includes a full backup: on server, in the cloud and I save a copy to my computer, full updates and multi check malware scan. I also record their council meetings, convert the video, put on youtube, post to the site and they get a copy of the DVD.

UPDATE: on Oct. 1, 2018 the city has brought the website in-house. Images here could look differently than they appear on their site.