Education Justice Project

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Education Justice Project Home Page. A quick landing page to help get you going into the right locations.

Education Justice Project is a non-profit group from the University of Illinois that teaches at prisons to build a model College-in-prison program that demonstrates the positive impacts of higher education upon incarcerated people.

They had a WordPress site they needed a newer version that their graphic designer came up with. They needed it to be setup where they would be able to keep it updated themselves and have it stay in WordPress. They wanted to have a new look before the fall admission started, which was only a few months away.

Made a backup copy of their site on my server I installed headway so I could quickly come up with the look to the various page designs their graphic designer made. Using this method I already had all the information from the site so it would be easier for them to see how it would look. During the creation of the new site we had some group meetings, most communication coming from emailing back and forth with the various people in charge of different elements of the site. We were able to get the new site redesigned and up before the fall admission started.