Farmer City Christmas Parade 2019

November 25, 2019

For the Christmas Parade this year I decided to make it more exciting by adding a title screen and some visual effects to the beginning of the video. Title was created in Adobe Illustrator where I created a swatch to make the candy cane lines. Exported as an AI to keep the transparency and Premiere can import AI files.

I brought the video files into Adobe Premiere. The camera saves a new file every 30 minutes, so I imported them all and lined them up in the timeline. I then created the title, deciding how long to have it visible, stopping it shortly before the police car was fully visible.

The B&W to color transformation was added to give a vintage to modern feel to the video to go along with the parade’s theme: “TV Holiday Classics on Parade”.

*There’s an issue with the converter software that didn’t create it to a full screen size.

Working notes on how I did this in more detail:

Create an Adjustment layer
Click in bottom left box (Project:)
In File > New > Adjustment Layer
In Lumetri Color (far right side) move ‘Saturation’ to 0

BW to Color:

Click adjustment layer in the time line

In Effect controls far top left

Dropdown ‘fx Opacity’

Click the stopwatch by ‘Opacity’

On 0 time click the circle between the < > (this creates a key frame)

In the percent mark 100% (this will make the adjustment layer the full 0 saturation.

Tested to make sure the video looks good with these effects.


To Export:

New Sequence
Digital SLR 1080p24
Move clip to timeline
Beginning of video = i
End of video = 0

File > export > Media
Format: h. 264
Output name:
Check video and audio export
Video tab:
Profile: high
Level: 4.2
Uncheck framerate change it to 239.76
Check render max depth
Audio Tab:
Audio high
video will conver to an MP4 video

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