InDesign Multiple Records per page

April 03, 2024

This continues the Data Merge in InDesign Post

For this post we’ll look at something simple like a 2-up postcard on an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper. With this we’ll bring in 2 records per sheet that will have the mailing address, the back of the card will be static text.

I’ll use the same data source I used for the simple Data Merge; you can read that post to see how I got some test data.


To setup the file to take 2 records per sheet:

On the master page:

  • Create your divide line to know where half the page is for placement since we’re making 2 ½ sheets with this.
  • Create the front of the postcard, the location for the mailing info. If the areas don’t fill the full area, you can increase the boxes to fill in space.

Bring in your data:

  • Assign the data to where it will be merged in


  • Highlight the design and group it (not always necessary)
  • In the data merge window in the dropdown menu select create merged document or to PDF
  • In Records per Document select ‘Multiple Records’; click preview to see if this is what is expected.

In the ‘Multiple Record Layout’ you’ll get some more settings like margins, if you want it to fill in rows or columns first, useful when you have a lot of data coming in, like address labels. Then spacing between columns and rows if you didn’t set the full area with the boxes earlier.

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