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Justin is a freelance writer (Fangoria), actor (Sharknado) and movie Director/Producer (ALICE AT THE APOCALYPSE: AN INTERVIEW WITH ALICE COOPER).

Justin was looking to get a quick and minimal designed website to put news items and have an online resume that list the writing and movie areas of his career.

To put the site together as quickly as we could we did it in WordPress, he already knew how to use it from writing and posting for online publications. I used Headway so we can see the changes quickly. We worked about 3 hours in one night through Skype where I would update the site and he would let me know of the changes needed.

We added a online chat for when he would host a movie night, the movie would be on Netflix or YouTube and he would invite somebody(s) who worked on the movie to come in and talk about their experiences working on the film.