Kids Book – Pumpkin & Peanut go to the Circus


The book ‘Pumpkin & Peanut go to the Circus’ started off as a painting series in the style of a kids storybook; the paintings were done with acrylic on watercolor paper. My cousin-in-law, Amy C. Lamb, seen the painting and created a story to go along with them. When Amy was finished writing the story, I created more paintings to go with the added content of the story.

We started the book by doing a small craft style art book printed the pages on cover linen paper for the pages and spiral bound them with different color spirals. With the left page being the text page and the right being the painting. By spiral binding them this allowed the person reading to the child, such as if the child was facing them in a high chair would see the painting and they can read the story without flipping it back and forth as they read it.

For the Kindle version of the book I merged the text and images together in Photoshop so it can be read and seen at the same time, to help keep the child’s attention to the book. After merging the text and paintings in Photoshop I created the book using InDesign using the measurements, 1024×600, from Amazon. I exported the book as a HTML file, bringing that file into the Amazon Book Creator program, I then added text pop-ups to the book, when reading they can click (tap) the text, creating a pop-up area with plain text on a white background to read it easier.

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