K&S Furniture Builta Floor Covering New Design

Front page of K&S Furniture’s new design

I redesigned the ksbuilta.com site, to show off all four stores that are in one building, giving each their own individual look. I created ksbuilta.com using a multipress install of wordpress, by using a multisite install, I’m able to keep them all together, this makes maintaining the sites easier. The multi install also allows to easily add any future stores or specialty sites that could get added. The site is setup where the individual stores can post and change only their own pages and not have to worry about any posting going to or from the other store sites.

Sweet Marie's new site design
Sweet Marie’s new site design

To help bring traffic to the site, the postings to the individual stores automatically go to their facebook pages, it could be sent out to other social media sites, if needed. When somebody clicks on the post on the social media sites it will take them to the website this helps drive traffic to the site. When on the site they will see related posts at the bottom of the page with three other related posts; for example, on the post for a chair for sale they would see other posts of chairs. Visitors to the site can also share to their own social sites, on facebook, twitter, google +, Pintrest and others, whether or not the site owner has an account on that social site. The visitors can also print out the post or email to a friend to let them know of the great deals. (The site is not setup to collect email addresses).

Current Site

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