Tyler Mane

Tyler Mane video page
Tyler Mane video page, pulls in his youtube channel into the night grid pattern, have the newest trailers sticky to the top.

Tyler Mane, Actor (Sabretooth), Writer, Producer (Compound Fracture), he was needing a way to update his website himself, the one he currently had was built in flash, which makes it hard to update and causes the search engines to not be able to index your whole site, and wanted it built in WordPress.

The site was created in WordPress; since he uses social media a lot I added his social feeds to the front page. A lot of Tyler’s fans meet him at conventions and takes pics with him, with that we added a photo submission area to the site, so fans can show off pics with him and their artwork. To let the fans know where he’ll be appearing A events calendar was added to the site with information such as a link to register. A sign up for his e-newsletter with MailChimp was added and for those that register to the site would automatically be signed up unless they unclick the box. This way it saves the fans from having to register multiple times, going with the idea if they are registering to be a part of the site they would want to get the newsletter also.

I added a custom login page address with a custom image for the login page.