Basic Website Price List

Website Design, Development, Consulting; Graphic Design Work:

Open Rate: $50 per hour (not counting packages)

Website Creation


(basic pakage)  $300:

Install of WordPress

Install and setup security software*

Install and setup backup software*

Install and setup photo gallery* if needed

3 hours of design time (this covers most basic websites)

*I have a lifetime license to these plug-ins no reoccurring charges:

Security and backup plug-ins together would cost $140 per year; photo $99 per year


Starting at $200

4 hours of design and programming (if needed) time

For all websites:

$30 per hour of extra time with hosting package.

After website has been completed and deployed rates go up to full, unless there is an ongoing agreement setup.

You will need to pay your own hosting and URL fees. Here are recommendations:

Website hosting (where your website will be visible online):

URL (the address for your website): (R4L) they charge around $16 a year.

If you’re getting an HTML website and it’s under 10megs you will not need additional website hosting R4L has a free 10megs hosting, works great for basic information sites.

I work a full-time job and will be unable to do emergency website work. If you need more hands-on consistent maintenance you’ll want to look to a full-time freelancer that works in the format that you have chosen.

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